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EnVie Fitness

EnVie Fitness is a gym franchise with a unique approach to women’s fitness. Replacing the constraints of traditional gym membership with a more accessible model, EnVie Fitness provides affordable membership with no joining fees, no contracts, extended hours, plus the added convenience of child-minding.

The Brief

At the time of approaching Tamale, the owners of EnVie Fitness had not yet fully developed the brand. Our brief was to translate early-stage concepts into a website look, feel and functionality that presented EnVie Fitness as a revolutionary proposition in a saturated market.

The Strategy

We began the project by focusing initially on the website aesthetics. Exclusively designed for women, the fitness brand needed a fun, fresh and feminine design that would position EnVie Fitness as a radically different option. Targeting time-poor women with a savvy attitude towards health and well-being, the website had to be intuitive and informative. Functionality was developed to include value-add features, including online booking of appointments and tours, nutritional articles and information, success stories and a convenient post-code look-up.

The Outcome

The owners of the EnVie Fitness were thrilled with the website's design and the look and feel we created is now central to the brand’s identity. The design and typography has since been extended to promotional material for EnVie Fitness. Supported by a strong website presence, the franchise continues to grow and announce new locations regularly.

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